Introducing the Medi-Popper

Do you struggle to pop pesky blister packs?  Does a lack of mobility in your hands prevent you from opening pills and accessing vital medication?

Anyone who struggles with mobility in their fingers will know what a pain it can be to open pill blister packs.  Whether afflicted with arthritis, Parkinson’s or other hand and finger problems, it can be impossible to get enough force behind the popping to get the medication out of the packets.  Nobody wants to lose their independence and not being able to complete this simple task can feel like a real blow to sufferers.

Meet Medi-Popper – just position, push and pop!

Medi-Popper is pleased to offer the solution to your problems.  Whatever the size of your pill packets, whatever your mobility problem, the Medi-Popper blister pack opener is easy to use and releases those pills quickly and efficiently.  Position, push and pop and you’ve regained some independence and need struggle with pill packs no more!

How it works

Place the medi-popper on a flat, non-slip surface and POSITION the correct pill beneath the pill ejector.  The tablet side should face up and the foil side face down.

Press the lever down until the ejector is resting on the centre of the tablet and then PUSH gently but firmly.



You can also view this YouTube video!

The pill is POPped into the receiving bowl!