Put an end to pill problems

Innovation for independence is the aim behind a new invention launched by a Wistow company this week.


Medi-popper Limited is a home-based concern set up by entrepreneur Andrew Donovan in April to sell medi-popper – a device enabling those with limited dexterity to access tablets easily from tricky foil packaging.

Mr Donovan said the device was invented by David Anderson – a retired army major from Lincolnshire who suffers from Parkinsons Disease and who takes up to 120 tablets per week – as he found his condition prevented him from breaking the foil seal on his tablets easily.

He said: “I knew David from my previous job working for a plastic injection moulding company.

He said he had this prototype device which would allow those with not so nimble fingers to get their tablets in foil blister packs quickly and easily.

“The first invention was large and metal and not practical for everyday usage. But with help from Lincoln University in Leicester and backing from Midlands development association Medilink, the device was refined to a more manageable size measuring 60mm x 50mm, which should go on sale in the local mobility shops and pharmacies soon.

“The final device looks a little like a stapler. It has a round disc attached with three different apertures corresponding to different pill sizes. A small lever, easily manipulated, pushes out the tablet into a tray without the need for huge force.”

The device will retail at £12.50 with 50p from each sale going to support and research charity Parkinson’s UK.

Andrew added: “My company is contracted through Parkinson’s UK to donate at least £5,000 to the charity. I really believe in this product as I have always been concerned with the welfare of people.

“I believe that as a society with an increasingly aging population we need simple solutions to nagging problems like this to give people the independence they crave.”

To find out more contact caring@medi-popper.co.uk or call Andrew on 01757 242569.